Seating is often an event necessity, but is also a great rental item to easily elevate your Jacksonville or Daytona event space.

We offer a variety of quality chair options from white folding chairs and Chiavari, to more unique items like rocking Adirondack chairs. We offer the very best quality with our huge inventory of chairs. Gone are the days of only being able to rent simple folding chairs. We have any chair type and style you can think of that are both comfortable and functional.

White Folding Chairs

White folding chairs are an event staple because they can go with almost any style and they work great outdoors. White folding chairs also come with a built in cushion.


Crossback Chairs

Crossbacks are a great option if you're looking to rent chairs for a rustic chic, boho or garden feel event.

Crossback Chair Rental
White Crossback Chair Rental
Crossback Chair Rental
Farm Table Rental
Crossback Chair Rental
White Crossback Chair Rental

Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are an event staple and are the go to chair when creating a refined, timeless look. The narrower seat allows for more people to sit around a table and the upright back is designed to create a formal posture. These come in gold, silver, clear, white, black, mahogany, Ivory seat cushions are included for no additional charge.

Bamboo Folding Chairs

Bamboo folding chairs are a fun twist on the classic white folding chair and are great for a tropical themed party or can be styled for a rustic look. These chairs are great for indoor or outdoor events that are wanting a more casual dining experience.

Ghost Chairs

Ghost chairs are clear and have a sleek, modern style allowing them to complement a tablescape without being distracting in any way. Their simple design offers a wider seat and armrests for comfort and are typically used without seat cushions.


We have a variety of barstool options including crossback, ghost, and traditional wood. Barstools are typically used with high top tables allowing guests to socialize and rest their feet but also stay at eye level with the other guests that are standing. Great for cocktail hour at a wedding or a social corporate event.

Ghost Barstool Rentals

Rocking Chairs

Rocking adirondack chairs are the perfect chair rental for casual seating on a porch or around a fire out.

Airondack Chairs

Adirondack chairs provide a casual and comfortable seating option for an outdoor event. Great for around some giant jenga or around a fire pit on the beach.

Crate Seats

Crate seats are a fun alternative for around the fire pit and are great for a low country boil theme! Designer trick, we use these as side tables next to the adirondack chairs too!