How to Creatively Stage Your Conference

The heavy focus on professionalism when planning a conference can quickly distract from the opportunity for creativity. No matter the size or budget of your event, there are simple ways to stage your conference that automatically improve the event experience. From event decor to lighting selection, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to take your conference to the next level.

3 Opportunities to Use Event Decor to Customize Your Conference

When done right, your company has the perfect opportunity to give conference attendees an unbelievable corporate event experience. Use these simple tips to create an event your guests will rave about.

1. Unique Texture, Shape and Color Choices are Key

A great way to surprise your audience is to set up the stage in a way no one has ever seen. Analyze your branding and the purpose of the event to shape the look of the conference.

On-theme fabric treatments, uplighting and high-quality event decor will complete your design without distracting from the event. No matter the design elements you select, it’s imperative you work with technology experts to properly set everything up. A clean, clutter-free stage is crucial -- the right event planner and tech crew will make this a top priority.

2. On-Point Lighting Makes an Incredible Impact

Lighting and tech set up can be a tedious part of the planning process if you’re not a pro. You’re in luck! Mugwump takes care of every little detail so you don’t have to stress.

One of the first priorities of venue selection is identifying ‘rigging points’ and requirements for your conference. Once that’s taken care of, it’s important to choose lighting colors and locations that complement speakers and surroundings.

Additionally, lights should be strategically placed throughout the venue to set the mood. The last thing you want is the lights to put a strain on your attendees’ eyes. Depending on the nature of your event, string lights and beaded chandelier columns add elements of drama to an otherwise understated space.

3. Establish a Fuel Station to Keep Attendees Energized

Great ideas and communication happen when people are fed! Especially when your conference lasts the whole day, it’s important to keep your guests nourished. Instead of just one hour for lunch, allow your guests to graze at their leisure.

Keep in mind that certain foods and drinks aren’t the best for a professional setting. Great snack options include fresh fruit, charcuterie boards and sliders. Make sure the station is set up in a spot that doesn’t distract from the overall goal of the conference.

Host a Conference that Goes Beyond What Your Guests Expect

We’re all about finding innovative ways to use event decor to elevate the guest experience. The Mugwump team never settles for ordinary, especially when our clients are willing to push the envelope with out-of-the-box design ideas.

If you want to chat about exciting ways to stage your upcoming conference, reach out to Mugwump Productions today.

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