Why We Don’t Include Pricing on Our Website

The debate on whether or not to post the cost of event planning services for the world to see is controversial in many industries around Jacksonville. Years of back and forth amongst our Mugwump team always comes down to one question:


What’s best for our clients?


Every client request is vastly different from the next. Whether you require full-service event planning and rental services or simply a few tables and chairs, the price we charge varies.


Our reputation in Jacksonville is built on 20+ years of honesty, out-of-this-world customer service and unparalleled expertise. We’ve earned our spot as a staple in the community by providing clients with unparalleled pricing for the level of service we offer.


The Cost for Our Services is Based On These Key Factors


For which service(s) do you need our expertise?

While the cost of renting a chair for a few hours is straightforward, providing a quote for full-service event production is not. There are countless factors that play into the final cost of an event. Because we offer so many different products and services, sticking to one flat cost for our many different offerings is nearly impossible.


When and where is your event?

Every industry in the world has a busy season and a slow season. There are times of the year when you can barely get ahold of an event production company in Jacksonville, while there are other moments where party services aren’t as frequently needed.


We have a team of professionals prepared to fulfill any event vision you have at any time of the year. While we’re certainly busier during holiday and prom season, we promise to always provide the same level of service and expertise at any time of the year.


We Work to Minimize Your Expense and Maximize the Services We Provide

From incredible Jacksonville nonprofits to intimate wedding ceremonies, the experienced Project Managers at Mugwump Productions dedicate their careers to producing masterful events for our diverse clientele.

The first step in bringing your event to life is discussing your vision, requirements and budget. We dedicate the maximum amount of top-quality decor and professional expertise into the budget you provide.


“Mugwump Productions is the best in town! Super professional, affordable and they do a great job! We will never have a company event without you guys again.” - Clayton P., Google Review


Create the Event of Your Dreams at a Price You Can Afford

The people and companies we work with are so much more than customers. From the recommendations we make to the level of respect we show your attendees, we will treat you and those around you like family. Because of this promise, we will work until the vision we bring to life meets or exceeds all expectations.


Mugwump Productions makes event dreams a reality all around Jacksonville and surrounding FL areas. Contact us today to experience the event planning difference trusted by so many of your friends and colleagues!

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What Clients Are Saying

Thank you so much for all of your help preparing and orchestrating my beautiful wedding. It was more than I could have ever imagined! You truly helped us to be at ease. We appreciate all of the hard work, time and effort that you gave us!
Sarah, Bride

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